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"Daniel Lappin's presentation on Touch and Compassion in Integrative Hospice Skills received rave reviews from our 2014 Integrative Medicine Forum attendees. Our students and community members found his presentation engaging and very applicable to their healthcare practices. We are thrilled that he is also able to speak to our Complementary Paths of Healing elective class in the Fall." 


Kristen MacKenzie


University of California San Francisco


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"Having known Daniel for two years, it is a pleasure to write a letter of recommendation for him. Daniel has assisted me in resolving old mental and emotional stress associated with two life threatening illness. His healing presence is remarkable. Today I am in a healthier state because of Daniel's care. I am truly grateful for the simple, deliberate framework from which he practices. He is professional, kind and caring. I highly recommend him."
      Margaret Hansen
      EdD, MSM, CNL, RN
      Associate Professor
      School of Nursing, University of San Francisco
      Fulbright Visiting Scholar, University of Iceland
Linda Graham Bouce                                    
“In the year before receiving my book contract, sessions with Daniel gave me insights and helped organize key points of the book.   He is a skilled, experienced healer, sensitive to the deep messages of the psyche locked in the deep energy of the body.   At times I keep a note pad next to the massage table, or rushed home to write down ideas. I couldn’t have done it with out him.”


I have found, in my personal work with him and from the reports of many folks I have referred to him, old pockets of trauma and survival responses dissolve, session after session, until there is an undreamed of freedom of expression.  It isn't just that the body moves more freely; the entire being of the person moves more freely. He is a wise and extraordinarily effective practitioner."

Many thanks, 
Linda Graham, MFT
Award Winning Author
'Bouncing Back: The Neuroscience of Recovering Resilience'

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"I recommend Daniel unequivocally. I have a high-stress profession, and he has been incredibly responsive with therapies ranging from massage, aromatherapy, and supplement suggestions. He quickly identifies the problem at hand, and provides both support and interventions as warranted. His intuitive understanding of neurophysiology continues to amaze. His massage technique is second to none."

Gareth L.
Corte Madera, CA

"I have been using his services for few years now.  He is a wonderful masseuse and a great healer as well.  I have a challenging job as a crisis specialist working in psychiatric emergency services with clients in crisis. I often take on other people's energy as part of the healing, which can be draining and exhausting, when I cannot transmute all that I take on.  Daniel has a way of helping me  release that which is not mine, so I can find my center and balance again.  I get very different healing at different times, sometimes on a more physical, other times emotional or energetic level, and sometimes a combination of all.  I highly recommend Daniel.  Thank you, Daniel."

Elsa N, Crisis Counselor
Larkspur, CA

"Being a certified masseuse myself I am very picky about who puts their hands on my body.  Daniel is a dedicated and skilled healer/ masseuse. He offers excellent and unique massage but at core he is really a healer and can work on many levels both practical and energetic. He is a good listener and offers a variety of creative solutions for the ailment of the day. He has a state of the art massage table that vibrates to the music it plays- It is pretty trippy and very relaxing!  
Imagine my delight when I found Daniel's little massage studio right up the road from my home! After all this all I can do is roll off his table and roll home relaxed, rejuvenated and refreshed.
You really have to experience him for yourself otherwise all the above is just words...; )

Ondina Nandine H.
San Francisco, CA

"Daniel Lappin is the most calm, compassionate healer/life coach I have ever utilized. I met him at my brother's memorial service. It was there how I learned how much he aided my brother thru his journey of illness. That day, Daniel was a great comfort to myself and my mom. Hmmm but how can I use him as a hands on healer if i live across the country? so we decded to do phone sessions. His insight to my issues astounded me and how these issues stem from not just my present life but from past traumas. Simply put, he made me feel much more at peace, upped my spiritual game , upped my meditative powers. Then I flew to California for a week of sessions with Daniel. That was totally enlightening. Opened my heart, mind to so much. I now take these learnings and utilize them day and night and have the comfort in knowing Daniel is a phone call away. I am forever grateful that Daniel Lappin entered my world."
Amy L., Denville, NJ

"Daniel Lappin is a master body healer. His knowledge of the body and how trauma and life issues show up in the body is truly profound. A life-long ailment was healed in two sessions, and other issues have been resolved as well. I've seen Daniel 5 or 6 times now and have recommended him to others and they have also had very positive experiences. I cannot recommend him highly enough.

While I think anyone should see him, for those who are therapists, somatic practitioners and body workers do yourself a favor and book a session. It's special to find someone who can work on a such a sophisticated level."

Joie S. Oakland, CA

"Daniel Lappin is a totally professional and intuitive healer. He had me fill out several forms prior to our session and then spent 45 minutes consulting with me before he began the massage. He endeavors to heal the whole person, including past traumas, current ailments or concerns, etc. His own past experience in healing himself led him to the healing arts and he is obviously fully committed to helping others achieve wellness. After my session, It felt like waves of light were emanating from my core and I felt fully integrated in my being. On the way home I noticed that I felt like I was seeing with new eyes, a new clarity- which was one of the goals I had going into the session. Thank you, Danny!"

Maya D., San Rafael, CA

Other Testimonials

“Your work is amazing. There is a lot of light coming through your sessions.”

“My lower back and right hip felt better after an hour and a half  session with you than they felt after a year of physical therapy! Thank you!.f
“Thanks so much for sharing the insight! The session with you was helpful for me. I did feel much more grounded and "in my body" after the massage and I felt energy coming in.  This whole cancer thing seems to be an opportunity for spiritual growth.”

"I feel open in a new way. The heaviness has changed. This is a new world for me."

"I am comforted by the competence and skill of your hands."

''I was so impressed, I have sent my wife, 2 teenagers and friends to him now.'

The last session was amazing. I felt really great and energized afterward and I love that. The next day I think my muscles were still sleepy but that is ok too. I'm not sure I would change anything. We had a great conversation about what is going on with me and you responded so well to it. My legs and feet felt a ton better. I felt more relaxed in general and throughout my body. Its all good! If I can think of anything that would be better I'll let you know but right now I can't. You're really good at what you do. 

"Finally relief, my neck feels better. Your mind-body approach really works.    In the past month I’ve seen a medical doctor who prescribed muscles relaxants, four trips to the chiropractor who said he couldn’t do anything more for me, a massage therapist, a trigger point therapist and an energy healer. Finally my psychotherapist suggested I try you. Thank you for helping me und
er the past year of physical therapy. You’re amazing!

“After I saw the changes in my mom and sister after they worked with you I knew that I wanted to work with you to help me with my journey through breast cancer.”

“This is a break through. My shoulders are free of pain for a longer period of time. It has been a long time since they felt this good.”

“I am happy to refer my psychotherapy clients to you. Your work is profound. “

“I can’t tell you how helpful the session was before my surgery,”

“After the session I had the conversation with my father that I needed to have and have wanted to have for my entire life. Thank you, it was profound.”

“I feel open in a new way. The heaviness has changed. This is a new world for me.”

“I barely have word to express the gratitude for your support over this past year.   The darkness and disorientation of the trauma that has haunted me since I was a child has finally lifted.”

“Thank you for holding my hand as I touch this lifetime, paralyzing trauma. After working with you intensely over this past year I am a new person, with new awareness and resources.”

"It was a profound experience and I believe part of the beginning of a transformation for me. And I liked that we kept it to just enough for me to process"