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What is your story, passion, purpose, drive, or creative expression?

Your mind and your body are  your instrument to fulfill your goals in all these areas. A constricting belief, emotion, frustration, confusion or condition in your body can prevent you from fulfilling your dream and reaching your goals.


Such as,

- Artistic Expression
- Personal expression
- Personal and family relationships
- Wellness and fitness
As well, to cultivate your expression , such as:
- Writing
- Painting
- Dance
- Poetry
- Performance
- Healing arts
- Music
- Built art
- Jewelry
- Product Design
- Architecture
How do you connect to, and express, your essence, your vision? Your deep mind within your whole body expressed in the environment, in relationship with others?  
What happens when you get disconnected from yourself?  How do you return to yourself?
Explore these integrated modalities and methods  to stay connected to yourself and your vision, and manifest it into reality.
Every aspect of our lives flows when we engage the fullness of our mind and our body - the fullness of our being.  Stress, conflict and dissatisfaction in life are often reflected in our physical and energetic body.  
This is creative tension on a deep mind-body level.
When we cultivate the wisdom deep within our intention is more clear, our actions more effective, and the world flows better.
My approach is similar to many holistic, natural and ancient wisdom.  The 'mind' is bigger than our thinking and emotional brain.  The mind is the deeper experience and wisdom of our whole body – physically, emotionally, energetically, and spiritually.  The mind is not only an experience in our head.   It is an experience that fills and surrounds us and merges into the entire environment.  It is a place where there is no separation.

Sometimes our lives get stuck.   From my experience, 'words and talking' are not enough to access and express the fullness of our being to transform our lives. 


The goal of adding mind-body coaching is to:

  • - Help you to explore what your body is tell you.
  • - To access your inner knowing, your inner guide, your inner composure.
  • - Achieve your goals more effectively and often more quickly.
  • - To make your goals and issues more real and tangible.
  • - To open new pathways into your body for relaxation, to resolve old stress, or to empower your vitality.
  • - To enhance your wellness
  • - Enhance your resilience.
  • - Resolve old stress and trauma held within your body.
  • - To sustain the change you want in your life.

Mind-body skills enhance many aspects of your life, including:

  • - Charging your life force with:
    • - Confidence, determination
    • - Compassion, empathy
    • - Engage emotions
    • - Instinct, intuition
  • - Cultivating your center and staying grounded.
  • - Connecting with yourself.
  • - Connecting with others in all forms of relationship.
  • - Being in synch with the world.

Mind-body skills open a doorway to a more expansive mind.  They are a journey to the core of being and existence; a path to living your life more fully.  They are more than a set of skills or a therapeutic treatment.


 Mind-body skills and coaching can be incorporated into:

  • - A massage session to enhance relaxation and wellness.
  • - A consultation
  • - Stress and trauma resolution
  • - Creativity and expression exploration.


For a partial list of the skills used,


See: Integrated Health Modalities


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