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River of light Massage & Healing Arts specializes in supporting clients from all walks of life with simple relaxation massage to more challenging stress-trauma-illlness conditions.

Your massage and bodywork session integrates both basic and advanced mind-body-somatics skills blended into your massage.

This creates an experiential journey to support you on your health. fitness, and wellness path.path.

Enjoy deep comfort with these massage &  bodywork modalities:
Deep Tissue
Cranial Sacral
Abdominal (Chi Nei Tsang)
Energy Treatments
Pain Relief
Sleep Support
Elder Care Massage

All sessions include mind-body modalities (optional).

Enjoy your massage on a state of the art Spa Table, using far infrared healing technology. Learn more HERE.

Explore Session Types:
Life Goals
Trauma Resolution
Somatic Relationship Goals
Personal Satisfaction
Heart-Emotional Support
Empath & Sensitive Support
Creative Expression
The flow of our lives, our accomplishments, and our relationships all follow from the function of our mind, body, and emotions.
Current and old stresses impact your life on many layers: your health, family, relationship, and job.
The Transformational sessions support you more broadly and deepy then do the more traditional ‘mind-body-massage’ sessions. These Transformation journeys can be a few sessions, several months of sessions, or years of sessions. These sessions identify your goals , either in a specific area, or across the span of your life, then create a plan of transformation – your mind – your emotions, your physiology, your fitness routines.  All integrated to support you to achieve your goals. The Transformation sessions keenly identify underlying stress and/or trauma that contribute to disrupting your life, your health, your relationships, your career. These session support your personal engagement, your resilience, your daily routines to achieve your goals, across a broad range of areas.  This is possible because your mind-and body are your primary instrument to experience and achieve your goals.
This is a novel resilience skills skill set to dissipate the layers that disrupt you. It is Emotional Support  bodywork to bring comfort and nurturing to: grief, sadness, loss, loneliness, overwhelm, anger, and others.  A therapeutic container is created for you to ground, center, touch, express, and move these emotions.  
Trauma resolution session build upon skills to ground, center, align and integrate. These session integrate a process of ’embodied story and expression’ with hands-on bodywork, massage and energy treatments.
Supporting Family & Women’s Health Massage & Somatics for 25 Years

Wholistic, Natural and Integrative Approach Professional & TherapeuticLife Cycle Health Centered Stress & Illness, Trauma & Resilience Oxytocin Skills & Treatment Immune & Inflammation Focused Navel & Birthing Centered Wellness Mind-Body, Guided Imagery Couples Massage & Bodywork Support Pregnancy Massage Pain Relief Professional and Therapeutic

Innovative Blend of Mind-Body-Somatics-Massage Tactics

Mind, emotion and positive psychology engagement Oxytocin and endorphin expression tactics Breath, laughter, vocalization narrative Acupressure and energy psychology Immune lymphatic massage Connective tissue release Internal Organ Massage Heart flow massage style Vagal nerve coherence
Massage & Mind-Body Skills
for the Entire Family
The Family that Plays
Together Stays Together –
True Now More than Ever.

A culture building, creativity and performance program.

Strengthen resilience, enhance creativity and design, and work better as a team.

Individually and as a team, overcome challenges, tension, stress and conflict from any source.

Your mind and your body are your instrument to fulfill your passion, purpose, artistic expression, your personal relationships, professional drive, or creative expression. A constricting belief, emotion or condition in your body, such as from stress or trauma, can prevent you from fulfilling your dream and reaching your goal.

Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Pain relief, Trauma, Resilience

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Illness, Trauma, Stress, Pain, Acupressure Creative expression Depression Women’s health Family Health Relationship health

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