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 Trauma Resolution
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Resilience is a skill you train.  In the face of adversity you turn on reilience deep in your mind and your body (read more).
Resilience arises from:
- Your personal beliefs.
- Your mental, emotional and physical wellness practices.
- Loving relationships.
- A supportive community.
- Your early childhood and family expereince.
Stress and trauma are reactions in your body.  These sessions help you to re-direct and even resolve stress and truama patterns.   This creates a new path forward.
Stress and trauma can arise from:
- Challenging Life Events
- Mysterious pain or illness
- Birthing and childhood               
- Relationships
- Family Emotional Inheritance
- Physical Accidents
- Motor Vehicle Accidents
These sessions help you cultivate awareness and resourcefulness in the present moment to build your internal resilience and regulation skills.  This resilience approach uses integrated health modalities (read more) to expand your skills. 
These sessions support clients who have experienced:
- Physical trauma - such as a car accident.
- Physical symptoms from emotional or relationship traumas - such as divorce.
- Early child trauma that effects the adult's physical wellness. 
- Stress related illness.   (read more)
- Other sources of stress and trauma.
In these sessions we:
- Support you to be grounded and present. 
- Access physical and emotional layers of your body that hold stress reflexes.
- Explore the consequences of these embodied patterns and memories.
- Explore mind-body principles and do embodiment exercises.
- Integrate with touch, massage and bodywork.    
- Shape your daily practices to sustain your grounded clarity.

Your first session may or may not include hands on bodywork.   We may need to go slowly to support you.  We will spend the first session establishing rapport, discussing your goals, deciding upon an appropriate approach, and then doing mind-body and hands on bodywork.

The goal is to support you to be more aware and resourceful regarding:
- Your physical body
- Stress reactions in your entire body
- Physical communication and relationship patterns.
- Your personal wellness.
This approach is built upon training in the work of:
Peter Levine’s Somatic Experiencing Threshold model
- Raja Selvam's Integral Somatic Therapy 
- Kathy Kain's Somatic bodywork trauma protocols 
- Bodynamic Developmental Psychology (read more)
- Early child Trauma approaches
- Resilience approaches
- Stress and trauma effects upon wellness.
 Note:  All clients sessions that address trauma must sign the following legal disclaimer forms.  (Here)
"Within the first session and 10 minutes into the second, we identified deep issues and where they were lodged deep in my   body.  I had been holding them for decades.  Suddenly the lights came on and the dots got connected. Now I have a pathway to heal these old wounds.”                       
“After I saw the changes in my mom and sister after they worked  with you I knew that I wanted to work with you to help me with my journey through breast cancer.”