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Approach: Traditional and Advance

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Approach: Traditional and Advance


Daniel an advance bodyworker and massage therapist.  He also supports clients with traditional, basic massage that includes swedish, deep tissue, and sports massage.


He also supports clients with sessions that integrate mind-body skills.  These treatments are different than a typical spa massage.  They access deeper mind-emotion-body awareness.   There are three Session Themes:



Mind-Body treatments, in conjunction with massage, can be supportive and healing for you.  Please ask question and let’s discuss how this can support you.   If you have not experienced deeper mind-emotion-body work, this may be initially surprising to you.  

Mind-Body Modalities
This Mind-Body approach blends practical skills and treatments that support you to live your life more fully with more ease. 
What are Mind-Body Skills?   Mind body skills help you integrate:
  1. Your thinking
  2. Your emotions
  3. The expereince of your physical body
  4. Deeper levels of your psyche. 
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Mind-Body Therapeutic Process
This integration helps you be more aligned and authentic in your life.
Your life is a blend of your thoughts, your emotions, and your physical body.  At times, the thoughts and emotions that reside in the deeper parts of your thinking, or deeper in your torso (such as your heart or your gut), influence your behavior and your health.  This is the deep layer were a person's experiences are held in muscles, organs, and tissues of the body - the deeper energy of psych and being.
Together , we access you mind-body state with:
  1. Inquiry
  2. Coaching
  3. Education
  4. Experiential

You are supported go to a deep level of your mind and body to find:
- Wholeness
- Connection
- Life Force
- Flow
- Clarity
- Intuition
- Synchronicity
- Healing
- Expression
- Resilience
These sessions can include:
  1. Face to face conversation  to build an alliance and learn about your story.
  2. Massage, Cranial Sacral, Deep Tissue, Acupressure, Chi Nei Tsang Abdominal 
  3. Chi Gong and Energy Work
  4. Voice, Sound, Singing and Breath
  5. Meditation and guided awareness
  6. Mind-body Integration Skills and Affirmation (Energetic and Verbalization)
  7. Guided Visualization and Imagery, Progressive Relaxation
  8. Posture, Presence and Being
  9. Movement
  10. Trauma Bodywork and Somatics
  11. Implementation and coaching
To support your transformation, we go to a level where old stress and trauma lresides.   These areas can hold the root of stress, pain and dissatisfaction.  They can block and distort many areas of your life:  health, relationships, personal goals, personal satisfaction, and more.
Too often illness, life dissatisfaction, and social challenges are due to deeply impacted stress that starts early in child hood.  Over the time, this stress disconnects us from ourselves, from others, and from the synchronicity of life.  This disconnection is a physical issue and shows up in very specific regions of the body.  These dynamics may not make sense to the 'thinking brain' because they live within the recess of the entire physical and emotional body. 
These sessions help you reconnect with your authentic self.
These session are designed to integrate with your existing wellness activities.  Treatments are body-centered, touch-focused, mind-body experiences that complement the treatments of your mental health and medical professionals, or other licensed healthcare professionals. 
Daniel Lappin is not a mental health professional.  He does not diagnos or treat medical or mental health conditoins..  
Our Alliance

Because we may work from physical stress relief to emotional relief, to stress and illness support, please review the document ‘Our Alliance’.  This document describes how we can best work together to support your goals.


See:  Our Alliance

Cleansing Response

A cleansing response is a stress response that occurs due to the therapeutic  process. It can be a physical response such as feeling stiff or disoriented after the massage.  Or, an emotional response , such as feeling self-conscious, vulnerable or anxious during or after the massage.



It is often a normal part of the transformation process.  It is one way that the body learns and expresses itself, saying, for example,  'that was too much', or 'not that way'.

If the body has a cleansing response, we will need to 'repair': which means to correct the treatment approach, provide education, and discuss our communication process together.


A cleansing response is not common, but they can happen.  They are prevented with:

  1. Education of the therapeutic process,
  2. Understanding the reasonable expectation of the process.
  3. A good alliance between us.

The primary education tactics is to support you to understand:

  1. How to stay relax in your body during and after the session.
  2. How to process and transform emotions
  3. How to reduce the stress reaction in your body.

- Hold client with high
regard and  compassion.
- Present and professional.         


- Practical, creative and engaging.
- Blend focus with laughter.
- Adapts to your pace and style.
- Non-Authoritative.
- Inquiry and coaching oriented.
- Help you find your own answers.  
- I support from the outside,
while you work on the inside.     
Practical and Goal Oriented

-  Lift  your mind, emotion, body and spirit.


-  Help you engage yourself in new ways.


- Help you to sustain your current skills and practices.


- Help you to implement new skills


-  Cultivate self-care and  self-healing.  


- Cultivate skills to use every day.

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