About Daniel Lappin BA, CMP
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Degrees and Certifications
Bachelor of Arts, Economics, The University of Chicago, 1981
Professional Certifications
Daniel Lappin provides Natural Wellness services.  He specializes in issues related to stress, trauma and resilience.     His services are  based upon his:
A)  California State Certification as a Massage Practitioner
B)  Certificate in Somatic Mind-Body Therapies
C)  Certificate in Neurolinguistc Programming
D)  Hospice Volunteer with Sutter Visting Nurse Association and Hospice, San Francisco.
               See:  List of Professional Training

California Certified Massage Practitioner
California Certified Massage Practitioner,  San Francisco School of Massage, 1997

California Massage Therapy Council, Certified Massage Practitioner:   #65276

Legal Disclaimer:
Daniel Lappin is not a licensed physician and does not practice Medicine.  He does not diagnose or treat medical conditions or diseases. 
He is not a licensed Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Marriage and Family Therapist,  Counselor or other licensed mental health professional.  He does not diagnose or treat mental health conditions or diseases.

Daniel does not heal, nor make claims to heal, any medical and mental health condition.
To support your wellness Daniel provides information on Integrated Health for you to discuss with your Licensed Health Care Professional.  This information is not intended to diagnose or treat any condition.
Integrative Health Therapies
These Natural Wellness services, except massage,  are Integrative, Alternative and Complementary to California Licensed Health Care Professionals.  These therapies are legal in the State of California.  These are not licensed by the State of California.
On a Personal Note
Daniel has an active daily fitness and wellness lifestyle.  This includes yoga, meditation, chi gong, sound and breath practices, movement and aerobic fitness.  He practices compassion meditations.   He eats a diet high in organic and raw foods. He doesn't smoke or drink alcohol, nor use recreational drugs.  These practices support his mental, emotional, physical and spiritual health.   As well, these practices support the treatments for you, the client.
He supports green business practices and primarily uses green-non toxic cleaners.
Daniel personally uses organic, essential oils.  No synthetic oils are used.  Yet, the office is not fragrance free.