Academic Degree, Certifications, and Training 
Daniel Lappin BA, CMP
Note 2023:  This is a partial list of trainings I have attended.
Academic Degree
Bachelor of Arts, Economics, The University of Chicago, 1981

California State Certificate
Certified California Massage Therapist, San Francisco School of Massage, 1997

              Current California Massage Practitioner Certification pending  

               approval (due to recent changes to State regulation of  Massage



Somatic Developmental Therapy, Bodynamic Institue USA
Integral Somatic Therapy, Raja Selvam

                        See:  Selvam - Senior Faculty - Somatic Experiencing Trauma Institute

Pediatric Massage, The Center for Massage Therapy Continuing Education
        Neuro-linguistic Programing; The Anthony Robbins Companies.

Additional Training:

·      Trauma Bodywork and Therapy
·      Somatic & Sensory Motor Therapy
·      Integrative Mind-Body Health
·      Neuro Science    
·      Wellness, Complementary & Integrated Health
·      Yoga Therapy
·      Child Development 
·      Child Education
·      Pediatric Integrated Health
·      Child Play & Play Therapy

Trauma Bodywork and Therapy
Kathy Kain Workshops   (
·     Working with Visceral and Deep Shock Patterns, 3 days,   December 6-8, 2013
-     Somatic Resonance, 2 days, Jan 14-15, 2012
-   Resilience and Self-regulation, 3 days, January, 2011
·      Complex Trauma: Touch-based methods for early trauma, syndromes and trauma structures, 3 days, March, 2011
·      Touching Through Body Layers, 2 days, August 27-28, 2011
United States Association of Body-based therapy Annual Conference
National Conference, 3 Days
San Francisco, CA

Trauma and Mindfulness Meditation, Somatic Mindfulness Training
Sharda Rogell, Sakti Rose, MA, SEP

International Society for Traumatic Stress Studies
Preventing Trauma and its Effects, Nov 2007, Conference - 28 Hours

Biology of Trauma and Resilience
Nov. 2006, Conference - 28 Hours

Somatic Experiencing: A workshop on Healing Trauma
Steven Hoskin, MA, MAT
Workshop - 8 Hours
February 2006

Cranial Sacral Massage Therapy for Birth Trauma
Pre-conference Workshop
Association for Pre and Perinatal Health
November 2011, San Francisco

Chi Nei Tsang ‚ Asian Bodywork and Visceral organ Massage
Mantak Chia
Santa Cruz Integrative Medicine and Chi center
May 2010- 3 days
With Gilles Marin, 2006
Introduction to Chi Gong - Mantak Chia
June 2014, 2 Days

Infant Massage: Babies in Motion
Evening workshop
Patricia Kramer
World School of Massage
Massage Certification Program
100 hours
San Francisco School of Massage

Postural Analysis I & II
Al Chan PT, Seminars and Workshops
10 hours

Somatic & Sensory Motor Therapy

Bodynamic Somatic Developmental Therapy
Currently enrolled in certificate program
15 Days
Integral Somatic Therapy
Raja Selvam Training Institute
Currently enrolled in certificate program
12 Days
Healing Broken Bonds: Attachment and Affect Regulation
Janina Fisher
Sensory Motor Therapy Institute
Nov, 2011 ‚

Somatic Resourcing for Individuals and Couples
2 Day workshop
Bill Bowen
September, 2011
Principles of Mind-Body Integration
Body Structures and Defense styles based upon the work of Alexander Lowen
5 Days - March 2011
Aneodea Judith PhD

Somatics Panel
Stephen Porges and Sure Carter
California Institute of Integral Studies
Dec, 2010
San Francisco, CA

Shame, Perfectionism and Self Loathing
Janina Fisher
Sensory Motor Therapy Institute
Sept, 2010 ‚ 2 days

Developmental Neurology of Somatic Awareness
Alan Fogel, Ph.D, LMT
May 2007

Sensory-Motor Therapy
Pat Ogden, PhD
Workshop - 14 Hours
March 2007
United States Association of Body-Based therapy
Conference - 24 hours
Annual Conference 2002

Integrative Mind-Body Health
Dream Yoga and Lucid Dreaming
Michael Kats
August, 2013 - 3 Days
Conference on Nondual Wisdom and Therapy
Californai Institute of Integral Studies
2 Days
Sept, 2011
Integrative Mind-Body Conference
The Arizona Center for Integrative Medicine
University of Arizona College of Medicine
March 22 -24, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
US Systemic Constellation Annual Conference
October, 2013, 4 Days, Seattle, WA
October 2011, 4 Days San Francisco, CA

Conference on NonDual Wisdom and Therapy
2 Day Conference, September, 2011
California Institute of Integral Studies
Family Fusion: The Impact on Stress Reactivity and Attachment
California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists - Marin County Chapter - Annual Conference
One Day, March 2011
Laura Havstad, PhD
Healing Shame
Bret Lyon, PhD & Sheila Rubin, MA, LMFT
February, 2011 ‚ 2 days
Berkeley, CA

Neuroscience, Therapy and Spirituality
Center for Intentional Living
Stephen Porges, PhD and Sue Carter PhD
14 Hours
July 2007
Univ. of California Los Angeles Extension, Lifespan Learning Institute
   Towards a New Therapy of Interpersonal Relationships
        March 9-11, 2012
   Adult Attachment in Clinical Context
        March 2008 Conference - 21 Hours
        March 2007 Conference - 21 Hours

Foundation for Mind-Body Therapy Research
University of California Los Angeles
1. The Seven Dimensions of Emotion, Biological, Clinical and Cultural Perspectives
Conference‚ 21 Hours
2. The Healing Power of Emotions, University of California
Conference - 21 Hours
March 2006
3. Four Dimensions of Childhood
Conference‚ 21 Hours
February 2005

Neuro Science

Brain-Based Therapies
John Arden, PhD
Director of Training, Kaiser Permanente Medical Centers, Northern California Region
March 24, 2012 - one day
Taking in the Good - Self-Directed Neuroplasticity
Rick Hansen, PhD
One-Day event - October, 2011
The Greater Good Science Center, University of California Berkeley

The Neurology of Awakening
Rick Hansen, PhD., Richard Mendius, MD
Spirit Rock Mediation Center, one day workshop
January, 2011

Sharp Brain Virtual Summit
Retooling Brain Health for the 21st Century
April 2010

Organization for Human Brain Mapping
15th Annual Meeting
June 18-23, 2009
San Francisco, CA

Emotions in Negotiation
University of California Hastings Law School -Center for Negotiation & Dispute Resolution
Oct, 2010

Neuroscience and Conflict Resolution
Jeffrey Schwartz, Ph. D
Workshop - 7 Hours
Mid 2007

Wellness, Integrated Health

The Immune System
Margaret Kemeny, PhD, University of California , San Francisco
One Day workshop, January 2011

Listening to the Body: Understanding the Language of Stress Related Symptoms
Bill Sieber, Ph.D., Family and Preventative Medicine
University of California San Diego
February 26, 2010

North American Research Conference on Complementary & Integrative Medicine
Integrated Mental Health Forum
Allina Hospitals & Clinics
Minneapolis Minnesota
Sponsored by the Ted and Roberta Mann Foundation and Allina Mental Health
May 11, 2009
The Future of Medicine
University of California San Francisco
Office of Continuing Medical Education
May 8, 2009

Integrating Social intelligence in Healthcare and Daily Life
The Institute for Holistic Studies, Department of Health Education,
San Francisco State University
Conference - 7 Hours
April 2008
Integrative Medicine Forum
University of California San Francisco, School of Medicine
Conference 2001, 2002, 2003, 2005

6th World Chi Gong Congress
Dr. Effie Poy Yew Chow
Member - White House Commission on Complementary and Alternative Medicine
Conference - 21 hours

Sound Healing Conference
Globe Institute
2008 Conference - 32 Hours

The Biology of Complementary Medicine
The Biology of Perception and Change
Bruce Lipton, Ph.D
Workshops and conferences since 2001

Yoga Therapy

Yoga and Mind Conference
California Institute of Integral Studies
Three Days
April, 2014
International Association of Yoga Therapists
Annual Conference

Yoga for Health, International Yoga Therapy Conference
Conference - 21 Hours
May 2007

Child Development

Mindfulness in Education
Spirit Rock Insight Meditation Center
January, 2013 - one day.
The Association for Pre and Peri Natal Health
Annual Conference, 3 days
November, 2011
November 2010

Touch in Children: Physical, Emotional and Social Development
Tiffany Fields
Parent, Infant & Child Institute
Napa CA - Nov, 2010
One Day

Brain Development and Learning Conference
University of British Columbia
July 16-20, 2010
Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Diagnosing Infants and young Children Using the 2005 Revision of DC:0-3R: Axis II and IV
Child Trauma Institute
October 23, 2009
San Francisco, CA
Neuro Relational Framework for Interdisciplinary Practice
Infant Development Association of California
October 2, 2009
Sacramento, CA

Hypnosis and Bonding
Tony Madrid Ph.D, University of San Francisco
Workshop - 7 Hours
September 2007

Relationship Physiology
Physiological Dimensions of Dyadic States of Consciousness and Potential Applications to Therapy Research‚
Children’s Hospital Oakland, Alameda County First Five
Ed Tronik, PhD
6 hours
November, 2008

Sensory Integration and Self-Regulation in the Infant and Young Child
Marie Anzalone, ScD, OTR, FAOTA
12 Hours
July 2008

The Impact of Trauma on Brain Development in Young Children
Bruce Perry, MD - The Child Trauma Academy
8 Hours
June 2008

Risk and Resilience in Child Trauma
Alicia Lieberman, Ph.D
Director, Child Trauma Research Project, University of California San Francisco
Conference - 7 Hours
February 2008

The Circle of Security Approach: Attachment and Affect
Kent Hoffman Ph.D
Workshop - 14 hours
June 2007

Child Education

Learning & The Brain Conference
Focused Minds: Enhancing Student Attention, Memory and Motivation
Public Information Resources, Inc
May 6-8, 2010
Washington DC

National Association for the Education of Young Children
Annual Conference - 24 hours
November, 2008
Dallas Texas

Office of Children and Youth Services of the San Francisco Public Library
Music and Literacy – October 2007, 2 hours
The Art of Oral Traditions and Storytelling, September, 2007 - 2 hours

Pediatric Integrated Health

Pediatric Complementary and Alternative medicine Research and Education
Satellite meeting to the North American Research Conference on Complementary & Integrative Medicine
May 12, 2009
Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine
May 12-15
Minneapolis Minnesota

American Academy of Pediatrics Annual Conference
October 15 - 20, 2009
Washington, DC

Pangea 2007: A Conference for the Future of Pediatric Wellness
University of California San Francisco, Integrated Pediatrics Council
Conference 14 Hours
October 2007

Child Play & Play Therapy

Play On Conference
Sponsored by Sports for Kids and The Robert Woods Johnson Foundation
May 18-20 , 2009
San Francisco, CA

Play Around the Bay Symposium
Trio Foundation, U.S. Alliance for Childhood
Symposium - 6 Hours
January 2008

Association for Play Therapy
Annual Conference
Conference - 21 Hours
Oct. 2007

Society, Science & Consciousness Studies
Wisdom 2.0 Conference: Technology and Spirituality, Neuroscience and Society
Silicon Valley, CA
April 30 to May 1, 2010
The Institute of Noetic Sciences 14th International Conference
5 Day conference, July 2011
Pre-conference: Engaging the Spiritual Dimensions in Therapy and Healthcare settings

Happiness and its Causes
Conference on Neuroscience, Philosophy and Happiness
Conference 18 hours

Seeds of Compassion: Social Emotional Learning Conference with The Dalai Lama
Kirilan Foundation
Conference - 12 Hours
April 2008

Educating World Citizens for the 21st Century: Educators, Scientists and Contemplatives Dialogue on Cultivating a Healthy Mind, Brain and Heart
with The Dalai Lama
October 8‚
Washington, D.C.,