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Daniel Lappin BA, CMP


Life is an adventure.    Often it unfolds as a journey of conflicts: of joy and challenge, success and lessons, mastery and stumbling.  


My life adventure has been to unravel a disabling medical mystery - my own. 


This has been a puzzle of enormous proportion, commanding my entire life.  Due to this complicated condition, I have lost jobs, housing and relationships, and the simple ability to remain physically stable after eating food or closing my eyes to sleep. It continues to demand my attention as an adult living with a complex medical condition.  


With persistence, small steps led to breakthrough, which were often followed by setbacks, then more insight, then another breakthrough.


My life swung unpredictably for decades:  a few months or a couple years of reasonable health, then dramatic collapse for months or years, then again swinging back to more function.    Over the decades, progress has been slow.   I fought hard to establish a foundation and to keep it. I was forced to the creative edge to solve this complex condition at the frontier of medical science – while I was in the middle of experiencing it!  It has been a journey of my soul.


As a teenager, I did not realize that I was slipping into a complex condition that would unfold sporadically over the following decades.  Sometimes slowly, sometimes with swift, brutal impact. 


I slipped through the cracks of Western Medicine and Integrated Health.  The complex condition that was unfolding in my young body (1960's and 1970's) was ahead of the curve of medical research and clinical practice.    Some of the symptoms suggested they were 40 years ahead of medical research and clinical practice (brain inflammation and infection, histamine and mast cell activation, vegal nerve inflammation and dysfunction).


With the constant whittling, a core issue became clear in the past few years.  I was born with genetic polymorphisms that contributed to disregulation in my detoxification channels of my body.   After meals, or during sleep, my body would become toxic easily, and then poorly detoxify.  This showed up in labs tests such as ammonia levels and elevated litmus paper acidity.


Going through this journey I learned alot about anatomy and physiology.  More than the average person.



It has been intense.


Some of the challenges I faced were:


  1. Mast Cell Activation Disorder
  2. Tocix Metabolic Encephalopathy
  3. Pseudo stroke symptoms 
  4. Viral and bacterial infections
  5. Inflammation, histamine related issues
  6. Skin cancer
  7. Metabolic, gastroenterology, and microbiome disruption
  8. Severe sleep dysregulation, severe sleep paralysis
  9. Suicidality, hopelessness, optimism, resilience
  10. Life style and diet effects upon health
  11. Stress-trauma-illness-resilience; medical trauma
  12. Generational trauma, childhood trauma and impact upon adult health


During the most severe periods, my body would collapse and lose function, often within 30 to 45 minutes after eating a meal. My body would go into partial paralysis of the left side of my body, affecting multiple functions, including, cognition, sensory motor, speech, digestion, elimination, social and relationship physiology, and horrific nightmares. At times it felt like I was hit by lightning.  It was scary and confusing.  Several times I feared that in that moment I would die, that the next breath would be my last.


Resilience was the name of the game.


The partial disability remained until I could mobilize my skills to regenerate my body function: eating, sleeping, breathing, mental focus and organization, speaking, and relating to people.


I was thrown into the fire of innate, self-healing.  I was forced to search, dig, struggle, pray and persevere.  Starting in my teen years, with no exposure to outside information I self-discovered mind-body solutions that replicated ancient healing practices and pushed the frontier of medical science (acupuncture, 'mental' biophysical force rotation).   


I was pulling solutions out of thin air. These self-generated skills significantly stabilized and recovered my bodily function. They saved my life and kept me functioning.


I became adept at recovering and generating my body, mind and emotions so that I could simply live, work and be in a community.  


Over time, I spent thousands of hours in daily practice to regain body function.   Often up to 6 hours in one day recovering, simply to have a disabling episode occur again that same evening or the following day. This intense inner exploration became the foundation for the resilience and trauma resolution skills I provide to clients today.


            See: – private client page


During the early stages of onset for this medical condition, I participated in a wide range of artistic and athletic activities.

I was formally trained in classical choral music as a member of the renowned Chicago Children’s Choir.  By age 17 I had performed choral pieces in over 10 languages and traveled the United States Performing.  I also studied classical trumpet.


In addition, in my teen years I was a versatile athlete, participating in gymnastics, swimming and diving, cross-country running, judo and soccer.

Weekly, I participated in international folk dance and was asked to join a semi-professional dance troupe.


Combined, all of these activities gave me  robust skills of mind and body.

When the medical complications hit in my late teens, and again in my early 30’s these mind-body skills became critical for my recovery.


Over the course of decades, as the roller coaster of symptoms from the health condition created frequent and sometimes severe collapse states, I used this knowledge and ability with mind-body training to innovate techniques to recover from the symptoms.


The  innovative principles and skills I developed to support my own recovedry have received attention and interest from a large, national scientific organizations doing basic science research in biology.


Over the years, supporting several thousand clients, I began to see the patterns of stress and illness. Often starting in childhood (Adverse Childhood Experience report).


From my direct experience and further study, I saw gaps in medical and health education, basic research, and the delivery of healthcare.    I saw the profound impact these ‘blind spots’ had on people, business and society. 


I am compelled, with a heart-felt desire, as well as rage and intensity, to solve these problems. I work to help others avoid the challenges I experienced, and to help reverse them if they occur.


I am active in industry events, initiatives and organizations to promote solutions and make structural change. 


May we all remain a humble students to so that we transform our nightmares into gifts.


May you as well.




Daniel Lappin

February, 2023