Professional Resume

Natural Arts Wellness Design - 2014 to Present
Curriculum design and sensory rich media for wellness applications.
See: Design
Natural Arts Wellness Center /River of Light Massage & Healing Arts,
Owner – 1997 - Present

Conduct wellness, massage and bodywork for clients with a range of conditions, from general stress to difficult and complex health conditions, often including trauma.

Integrated Event Promotion - 1995 to Present

Assisted sales and marketing a variety of business communication seminars nationally. Currently involved with event promotion for Integrated Health, Psychology and related wellness events.  Clients include UCLA Extension, California Institute of Integral Studies, Sensory Motor Psychotherapy Institute.

LGE Performance Systems, Sales & Marketing representative 1995-1996

Sales and marketing representative for business training programs for this internationally recognized performance training company  that specialized in training Olympic and professional athletes.   Advised LGE on transforming sports focused curriculum to business focused curriculum.  LGE principle included Dr. Jim Loehr, author, Stress for Success.

Anthony Robbins Companies. - 1989-93

Telemarketing sales support for a range of sales, communication, and personal development seminars and workshops.     Supervised a team of eight covering three simultaneous national events.

California Software, Inc. , Sales representative, 1987-1989.

Sold state-of-the-art data center management software systems.

Boole & Babbage, Sales representative. – 1983 – 1985

Sold Strategic Planning, and Capacity and performance management Systems Software to Management Information Executives and Technicians at Large companies in The USA and Canada. Received ‘Hero’ award for educational sales.

Computer Associates, Inc, 1982-83, Sales representative.
Sold System Utility tools to Mainframe sites.