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Enjoy deep comfort with these massage &  bodywork modalities:
Deep Tissue
Cranial Sacral
Abdominal (Chi Nei Tsang)
Energy Treatments
Pain Relief
Emotional Support Bodywork
Elder Care Massage
All sessions include mind-body modalities (optional).
Enjoy your massage on a state of the art Spa Table, using far infrared healing technology. Learn more HERE.
Explore Session Types:
Stress impacts your life on many layers: your health, family, relationship, and job.
These sessions support relief from physical and emotional pain and suffering, especially arising from illness that is aggravated by stress.
Resilience skills dissipate the physical layers that disrupt you, then build upon mental, emotional, communication, relationship and body skills to carry you through the storm.

Emotional Support  bodywork bring comfort and nurturing to your emotions: grief, sadness, loss, loneliness, overwhelm, anger, and others.  A container is created for you to ground, center, touch, express, and move these emotions.  A therapeutic, emotional, light touch, cranial sacral massage style is used to support awareness and nurturing.

Trauma resolution session build upon skills to ground, center, align and integrate, using a gentle inner awareness and catharsis process.
These session integrate a process of ’embodied story and expression’ with hands-on bodywork, massage and energy treatments.

Explore Session Types:
What is your story, passion, purpose, drive, or creative expression?
Your mind and your body are  your instrument to fulfill all these areas. A constricting belief, emotion or condition in your body, such as from stress or trauma, can prevent you from fulfilling your dream and reaching your goal.
Theses sessions support:
Business goals, dreams and visions (Link),  personal expression,
personal and family relationships, and. wellness and fitness.
Artistic expression:Writing, dance, painting,  poetry, theater, healing, music,  jewelry, and more.
This is an embodied journey ~ at the mind-body frontier  ~ to spark your passion into action.
Creative Tension 2.0
Artists, Designers,Techies,
Professionals , Business

Stress, Anxiety, Pain, Pain relief, Trauma, Resilience

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